I’m Ashley

A few years ago, I was a busy mom of three who always put my health last.  I was exhausted, felt like I lost a sense of who I was, and resorted to emotional eating for comfort.  I lost confidence in myself and had major body issues.  I was on a diet roller coaster, constantly trying to find a quick solution to lose weight but didn’t know how to quit the all or nothing mentality.  I was on a constant up and down and on a vicious cycle with caffeine, sugar, and alcohol and didn’t know how to begin making long-term changes and find that self-love I was searching for.

It wasn’t until I developed healthy habits and changed my view on fitness, eating, and self-care that I was able to find longer term success with my health, lose that stubborn weight that I had held on to for years, and found more confidence in myself. I built a sustainable lifestyle, focusing on being healthy instead of being thin.

My mission is to help other women in similar situations looking to find themselves again amidst all of the chaos. I’m a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and I help busy women take control of their health and find that healthy lifestyle they know they can live without sacrifice.

Interested in working with me? Learn more about my programs HERE.