About Me

I’m Ashley. Workout junkie, macro counter, intermittent faster, and mom to three kiddos. I've tried every fitness and health program on the planet but never could keep it up or felt successful. 

In the past, I would take barre and cycling classes all week long, spending hours at the gym. I would train for a half marathon, and run my legs off. I would try whatever latest workout fad was popular but wasn’t seeing the results I wanted. I would go all out for a few weeks with my workouts and whatever eating program I was on, get burnt out, stop exercising and would feel bad about myself again.

My eating habits were similar — I would participate in some sort of eating challenge and see results initially but as soon as the program stopped, I stopped eating healthy because I felt too restricted and it wasn’t realistic to sustain.

This was a vicious cycle I didn’t know how to break until I focused on working out more effectively, intermittent fasting, and counting macros.

I’m hoping to share what I’ve learned over the years — sharing something sustainable that’s more of a lifestyle instead of a “diet.” I’m hoping to empower other women, moms, and wives to slow down and find more time for health and fitness while gaining more confidence along the way through a program that keeps it simple!