What is It?

A 4-week online program designed for busy mamas who are looking to get leaner and stronger and improve their nutrition using 3 main concepts:

  1. Macro Counting: Learn how to better fuel your body with simple, nutritious meals through macro counting

  2. Intermittent Fasting: Use this simple eating pattern to help your body burn more fat (don’t worry, you can still drink tea and coffee in the morning!)

  3. Efficient Workouts: Complete 4 at home workouts a week - 3 weight workouts and one sprint workout. Only thing you need is set of dumbbells!

How Does it Work?

  • Purchase the program online today to reserve your spot — spots go quickly, so don’t wait!

  • You’ll receive access to online portal 5 days before the program begins to read the comprehensive guide

  • You’ll be coached on how to complete intermittent fasting and count your macros through the program materials and through our Facebook group

  • Workouts are all provided online with instructional videos and can be completed at home or at the gym

  • Participate in our Private Facebook group to track progress, share stories, and support other women

  • Get daily email updates with macro-friendly recipes

What do you need?

  • A set of dumbbells (I recommend starting with 3, 5, and 8lbs if you've never lifted before. If you have experience, 10, 15 and 20 lbs would be helpful.)

  • Food scale (optional but can help measure portion sizes)

  • Bench (not required but helpful)

  • Exercise mat (not required but helpful)

  • My Fitness Pal app or desktop version