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If you fail to plan, you plan to fail

You just can’t get ahead. Every day you wake up and the chaos begins. Getting simple, healthy meals on the table for YOU and your family just seems like it’s just not going to happen the way you want it to.

But you KNOW you need to make a change because you want to have more energy and FEEL better. You want to get through the afternoon carpool lines and marathon homework sessions with more patience and ease. Maybe you even want to fit back into those pre-baby jeans and you know you just need to eat healthier but putting a bunch of meals together sounds so complicated and overwhelming and you just don’t have the time.

I hear ya — I’ve been there too.

It doesn’t have to be complicated. It can be much more simple than you think to get healthy meals together for yourself and your family so you can feeling the way you want to feel — living the life you want to live.

There’s a way, my friend, and I’ve figured it out. I’ve realized that making simple, healthy meals for myself and my family is the key to getting that energy back. Over the past year, I’ve used a simple 3 step meal prep system that has worked for my crazy schedule and helped my keep the baby weight off for good.

It’s a system I know you can use to help you tackle your week with more ease. You just need to commit to yourself, make a plan and prepare meals in a way that works for YOU.

Are you ready to make a change?


INTRODUCING Powerfully Prepared

A group coaching program created to help you get CONTROL of your crazy schedule and figure out a way to make planning and preparing healthy food a priority and less overwhelming so you can actually keep it up and make it part of your weekly routine.

I’m going to be sharing with you the exact meal prep system I use every single day so that I can actually eat simple, delicious meals that help me avoid the junk, and live a life where I’m more AT EASE with my daily routine, I have more ENERGY to keep up with my kids, I’m more PRESENT with the ones I love, and I’m more CONFIDENT in my self. I want this for YOU too!


Hi, I’m Ashley…

I'm a health coach certified through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I struggled with putting my health first for years and was overwhelmed by the thought of preparing healthy meals each week for myself and my family.

I finally made a change, simplified things and focused on what mattered by using this 3 step meal prep system. I use this process every week and every day.

I don't stress about what I'm making and what I'm eating. I don't spend hours in the kitchen. Most importantly, I'm at the healthiest I've ever been and I have enough energy to keep up with my kids and have more confidence to tackle my insanely busy day.


Here’s what Powerfully Prepared is all about

Week 1

Get Ready to Go

  • Set your goals and commit to change so you FOLLOW THROUGH on transforming your weekly routine

  • Figure out meals you love so you actually WANT TO COOK

  • How to get your kitchen ready with the tools you need to help that will help you cook a lot in LESS TIME.

  • Stock your fridge and pantry with go-to staples that will make shopping and meal planning EASY + ENJOYABLE each week.

  • Clean eating 101 - learn the basics of clean eating so you can make healthier meals that will leaving feeling more energized.


Week 2

Plan Practically

  • Understand different meal prep techniques so you can figure out what kinds of meals work for your schedule

  • Learn specific kinds of meals that are ideal for prepping breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. Get new ideas for meals you're EXCITED about making.

  • How to make a plan that's not overwhelming so you'll FOLLOW THROUGH with it

  • Get comfortable with different cooking approaches that leave you feeling more CONFIDENT in the kitchen

  • Keep it interesting by opening up yourself to new kinds of meals and discover how easy it is to make clean, simple meals with my amazing recipe ideas


Week 3

Get Prepping

  • Figure out the best way to prep your meals with your busy schedule

  • How to efficiently shop for your meals so you're not making multiple trips to the store each week

  • How to BATCH COOK grains, proteins and veggies in different kinds of appliances that can save you tons of time in the kitchen

  • The best meal prep containers to help you portion out your meals to help you when you're on the go

  • How to use the cook once, eat twice mentality so you're never left wondering what you're eating for the next meal

  • Additional meal prep hacks that will make your life EASIER


Week 4

Keep up the momentum

  • How to keep the MOMENTUM going so you don't completely throw in the towel and go back to your old ways

  • What to do when your plans fail so you have a healthy BACK UP PLAN that doesn't leave you stressed and overwhelmed

  • How to start planning and preparing SNACKS so you can eat clean all the time

  • How to prepare yourself for EATING OUT so you're more in control of what you're eating outside the house


Here’s what’s included

Meal Ideas + Shopping Lists + Recipes

I'll walk you through everything you need to know to intentionally plan and consistently prepare your weekly meals with ease. You'll have the chance to ask me questions and chat about your progress. The sessions will be held every Tuesday at 10AM CT starting October 15th.


I'll walk you through everything you need to know to intentionally plan and consistently prepare your weekly meals with ease. You'll have the chance to ask me questions and chat about your progress. The sessions will be held every Tuesday at 10AM CT starting October 15th.

Private Facebook Group

To get your questions answered and help you stay on track with other like-minded mamas.

Supplementary Material

Like guides, checklists, and templates so you have all the tools you need successfully meal prep.


Your Investment for Powerfully Prepared



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