Do I need to belong to a Gym to Complete the workouts?

No, you can complete the workouts at home using a set of dumbbells. I suggest starting off with a set of 5, 8, and 10 lb dumbbells initially.

Can I participate in the Macro counting but still do my own workouts?

You’re here for a reason — you’re not seeing the results you want or you want to change things up so I ask that you at least try the workouts for the first week. You also don’t want to over exercise so be careful to not add these workouts on top of another exercise program you’re doing.

Can I still participate if I’m not on Facebook?

You can definitely still participate if you’re not on Facebook — we do have some women who join Facebook “incognito” just to be a part of the group. It is nice to have the extra accountability and support in the Facebook group, but it isn’t a requirement.


Do I have to do the intermittent Fasting part?

You don’t have to participate in the intermittent fasting portion of the program if you really don’t want to; however, I recommend you at least try it. I believe you’ll see the best results if you adhere to the intermittent fasting eating schedule.

How many workouts a week are there?

We complete 3 weight-based workouts, one HIIT workout, and there are two optional cardio days (or these can be rest days), and one mandatory rest day.

What can I eat in the mornings?

You can still drink coffee, teas, or things like kombucha as long as you stay under 50 calories. So if you’re used to adding a lot of sugar and cream to your coffee, you’ll try either drinking it black or adding a splash or almond milk. 


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