Trying to Eat Clean? 3 Ways to Not Blow Your Weekend

Clean Eating: 3 Ways to Stay on Track Over the Weekend

Clean Eating: 3 Ways to Stay on Track Over the Weekend


So it’s Friday afternoon and you’re exhausted….. Completely exhausted from your crazy week managing the kids, their activities, their fighting, their homework and maybe you’ve had an insane work week on top of it all. Maybe you’ve done pretty well with eating and working out during the week and you’re ready to relax, regroup, recharge and have some fun this weekend. I hear ya! However, sometimes we can equate that relax and unwind mentality with a crazy eating and drinking free-for-all. Stress relief doesn’t have to = poor eating choices.

I’m all about balance. Having a balanced perspective with clean eating can help us stay on track for the long run. When you have an all or nothing mentality, you can totally perpetuate the diet rollercoaster, the binge-restricting cycle. I’m all about enjoying myself on the weekends, but doing so in a more mindful way. I wanted to share 3 ways I like to stay on track over the weekend….

How to Not Blow Your Weekend Tip #1: Have a Better Plan for Alcohol

Notice I say have a BETTER plan for alcohol…. I didn’t say totally cut it out. Yes there are some people out there who should probably just cut out alcohol all together, and that’s another blog for another time. Today, I’m just here to help you think about making better decisions around your drinks of choice over the weekend so you can be healthier overall and maybe lose those extra clingy pounds that just won’t seem to LEAVE!

I could get into the nitty gritty about the science behind alcohol and weight loss and how the two just don’t mix, but I’m not going to do that. Just know that alcohol makes it harder for us to burn fat and impacts the functioning of our vital organs, which obviously makes it more difficult to lose weight. The main point I want to make, however, is that alcohol simply impairs our judgment and the more our judgment is impaired, the less likely we are to make good decisions. It’s as simple as that. It’s going to be harder to say no to late night tacos and pizza and chocolate when we’ve had 4 beers or 3 glasses of wine.

Clean Eating: 3 Ways to Stay on Track Over the Weekend

Clean Eating: 3 Ways to Stay on Track Over the Weekend


Try reducing the amount of alcohol you typically consume. Instead of having three glasses of wine, try having one. Or instead of having wine, try switching to a vodka soda with a lime for fewer calories and less sugar. Try cutting the amount you normally drink down and consider switching to less caloric options.

Go into social situations having a plan. Mentally prepare yourself for your evening. Tell yourself you’re going to nurse your vodka soda for the evening before you get there so you walk in the door having a plan. Try a glass or two of prosecco instead of Chardonnay (lesss caloric) over It’s easy to make better decisions if you have a plan and can try to stick to it. I know not everything always goes as planned but the more away you are of things and the small changes you make can add up in big ways.

How to Not Blow Your Weekend Tip #2: Eat In More

The more you eat in, the less likely you are to get off track with clean eating. When you make foods at home, they are, for the most part healthier. You know what’s in the foods and you can make healthier swaps. You can control your portion sizes a little more and you’re less tempted to order a ton of different things and overeat.

Sure, if you add a pound of cheese to your piece of homemade lasagna that’s probably not has healthy as eating a slice of lasagna at a vegan restaurant. You get what I mean though. If your family typically goes out on Friday night for deep dish pizza, try making a healthier version of pizza at home. Try that cauliflower crust you’ve been eyeing at Trader Joe’s and put some goat cheese on it. If you guys like to go out for Mexican, bring the party home and put together a fun taco bar with healthy options so everyone can put together a yummy plate that they love. And BONUS, if you eat in more, you’ll save some money!

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How to Not Blow Your Weekend Tip #3: Get Those Workout Clothes On

Instead of sauntering downstairs in your PJs on Saturday and Sunday morning, wake up and get those workout clothes on! Even if you just take a walk outside for 30 minutes or take a leisure bike ride, getting those workout clothes on early will give you a higher chance of being more active. When you start off your day more active, it can help motivate you to stay on track with eating better throughout the rest of the day. You’ll be more energized and more empowered to make healthier decisions.

Now, I’m all for taking a rest day if you need it. However, if you didn’t get to workout much during the week, the weekends can be a great opportunity to take some time for yourself and get moving. For those of you mamas with young kiddos who have a hard time working out the way you want during the week, take some time on the weekend to take advantage of the hubby and get out of the house to that spin class or that yoga class you’ve wanted to try. If you get up and get your clothes on right away, you’re more likely to get that class in!

Clean Eating Tips: 3 Ways to Stay on Track Over the Weekend

Clean Eating Tips: 3 Ways to Stay on Track Over the Weekend


So there you have it:

  1. Watch the alcohol

  2. Eat in more

  3. Get your workout clothes on

Keep it simple and you can keep it clean!

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